Is it harmful for Labrador to eat canned food? Can it replace dog food?


Believe that many pet owners will encounter this problem, Labrador raised at home slowly does not like to eat dog food, which makes pet owners confused, will think of feeding canned Labrador, but feeding canned Labrador will do harm to Labrador? The answer is no, as long as the right canned Labrador is harmless, if not the right feeding is harmful, such as overfeeding, it will lead to Labrador picky or fat.

There are many advantages in feeding canned Lala properly. Let’s introduce them to you.

First, it can improve the learning enthusiasm of dogs.

Labrador’s intelligence quotient is absolutely online. Sometimes, the pet owner will do some training for Labrador, but sometimes it is inevitable that Labrador will not be attentive. In order to let Labrador better complete the task, the owner can prepare some canned dogs for Labrador as a reward snack. When the puller completes a certain action of the owner, he can be rewarded for pulling the cans, so that the puller will concentrate on training. Canned dogs are still very attractive to dogs.

2. Easy for dogs to eat and digest

Canned food is a kind of soft and delicious ready-to-eat food. It is very convenient for young or elderly Labradors to eat. Because the teeth are not growing well/falling down gradually, and the digestive system is not developing well/getting worse, canned dogs are very suitable for feeding these dogs. Canned dogs are not only convenient to eat, but also easier to digest than dry, hard dog food, so canned dogs can be used as staple food for Lala.

3. Make dog food tasty and not boring

Every day we eat the same dish, we feel bored. In fact, dogs are the same, eating a single dog food every day, over time, it will also feel boring. At this time, we can add some canned dog food appropriately, not only appetite improved, but also good for Lala’s health. Some pet owners may worry that after Lala tried canned food, she would not like to eat dog food and become picky. In fact, as long as she paid attention to the intake of canned food, Lala would not depend on canned food.

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