Recommend some dog food that dogs like to eat!


There was nothing to do on the high-speed railway, and he sent out pictures of his son’s growth from two months to three months.

In addition, I recommend some good dog food as far as I know: I brought it back from the pet shop and gave it two kinds of dog food, Aiken took deep-sea fish and longed for six kinds of fish. Ikena’s fishy smell is slightly heavier than the desire, and its granules are larger than the desire. Aikenna used to hate eating, but now she likes to eat six kinds of fish. Prepare to replace it with a yearning for age. It can be seen that the tear marks are still very obvious when I just hugged them back. After a month, the tear marks are fading away. There are K9 freeze-dried grain, peak air-dried grain, Lingzai EVO, wilderness feast, Bernard Tianchun, wellness, Fumo, of course, there are many, but these natural grain mouths are better.

Maybe some friends will think that dog food is expensive, but we should learn to calculate the economic accounts, eat a good dog is healthy, life expectancy is long, not easy to get sick. Everyone who can’t eat well should also know that pet hospitals are very expensive now. It’s better to spend money on the dog’s diet than on the doctor’s money, right? In a word, since we have chosen to raise Xiaosha, we should take good care of it, give it the best and most suitable food in the economic capacity, and take good care of it. After all, our master is the whole of their lives, let alone Xiao Sa is so lovely and gentle, right?

I used to give him something to crave six kinds of fish. Now some friends say that puppies eat six kinds of fish easily with stomach cold. They are ready to give him something to crave for big and young. If it’s particularly heavy, you use Vick’s Eye Cleaner to flush it down every day, and then rub it down with the Eye Cleaner with dehydrated cotton. Don’t worry too much, just take your time. Don’t give it salty food. Dogs don’t have sweat glands. If you give it too much salty food, it will get sick if you can’t drain it out for a long time.

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