What can a bear dog eat instead of dog food? Do you eat canned food instead of dog food?


Many pet owners may encounter this problem. The pet dog in the family has gradually lost interest in dog food. The pet owner is worried about it. So he thinks of the canned dogs often seen in pet shops. But I wonder if the pet bear can eat canned food instead of dog food. The answer is yes, and it’s good for Bear’s physical and mental health to feed the dog canned properly. Now let’s introduce it to you.

1. Make dog food tasty and not boring

Eating a single dog food, compared to bears, will inevitably be boring, over time will develop a picky eating problem. In this regard, we can add a suitable amount of canned dog food to the dog food, so that the dog food becomes delicious, the dog will not be so selective. In addition, there is no need to worry about mixing canned dogs, which will lead to more serious pickiness. As long as the amount of canned dogs is well controlled, it will not be dependent on canned dogs.

2. Supplementary Nutrition for Dogs

In the growing process of Bixiong, the body needs a variety of nutrients can not be satisfied only through dog food. Therefore, pet owners can properly sell canned shoes to dogs to supplement nutrition. Canned food is not only rich in meat, soup and some vegetables, but also contains many vitamins and minerals. If the pet owner wants to grow better than the bear, he can buy some cans for the bear.

3. Decoy for reward or medication

Bear is very smart, so many pet owners will do all kinds of training for Bear at home, but it’s hard to avoid the dog’s inattention. Faced with this situation, using canned dogs as a reward for training will help Teddy concentrate and become learning-loving.

Also, if Bixiong is sick or wants to take medicine to repel insects, he will not eat the tablets so smoothly. Then pet owners can crush the tablets, mix them in the cans of dogs, and give Bixiong to eat. From then on, it is no longer a problem to feed the dogs.

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