Australian First Dog Food with Adverse Hair Effect


This dog food is from Australia’s silk double bright, Australia’s first sales of the national brand for eight consecutive years, some small partners listen to such a big brand, silently play the hair is not easy to “sadness”, good product price is not expensive, imports are moving 100 yuan a kilo, how can civilian dogs afford to climb?

However, everything is not impossible, Silk Bright has now landed in China, and some East and some treasure began to sell well. All kinds of products are not necessary, the price is only one third of the big brand dog food! Please let me hear your screams!

Unlike the high-priced natural food advertised, Silk Beliang hopes that every owner can afford the best nutrition for his dog babies. The price of $65 /1.5kg is only one third of the yearning and snow mountain, but consumers are very well received, which is comparable to those high-priced natural food.

But that’s not the point, it’s not the key, it’s not the point, it’s the unparalleled beauty of silk.

Cost-effective, tasteful, super-beautiful hair, no reason, dear, give a reason first!

Silk Beliang, abandoning the huge advertising expenses, gathered more than 500 scientists for ten years to study continuously. With smartblend wisdom and technology, Omega-3, Omega-6, zinc, copper and other beautiful wool factors were adjusted to the best proportion by special technology, creating a world-class miracle of beautiful wool from inside to outside.

At the same time, the brand quality and price of Silk Bell Bright have received unanimous praise from many pet goers. All dog goers have never been stingy with their words of praise, whether on the other side of the ocean or in the Caribbean, people in different areas have reached a consensus on this, Silk Bell Bright, the only choice for all true pet owners.

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