Favourite knowledge: Solution to the problem that dogs are tired of dog food. What should dogs do when they are tired of dog food?


After eating dog food for a long time, the dog will feel bored and become disinclined to eat dog food. The owner may consider replacing it with a new staple food, such as canned dogs. The owner does not need to worry about the lack of nutrients in canned dogs. In fact, the nutrient content of canned dogs is much higher than that of dog food. As a staple food, it is no problem. In addition, canned dogs can also be used for other purposes.

First, it can lighten the burden of dog’s teeth.

Canned dogs, as wet food, have a better taste than dry dog food, and are much easier to digest than dry dog food. It is suitable for young dogs whose teeth have not yet fully developed, or old dogs whose teeth have fallen off, in order to reduce the burden on their teeth. Usually when feeding, you can first soak the dog food soft, then mix it into the dog can. In addition, if the owner chooses some canned dogs of good quality, it can also supplement the nutrition needed by puppies or old dogs to a certain extent.

2. Supplementary Nutrition for Dogs

During illness, the appetite and spirit of the dog will decrease and become unwilling to eat. In this case, the owner should stop feeding the dog with dull and indigestible food. He can choose some delicious, tasty and digestible cans for the dog to eat, so as to arouse the dog’s appetite. In addition, the choice for sick dogs should be canned dogs of good quality in order to meet the nutritional needs of dogs. In this regard, the individual prefers canned Wangxiang dog, the owner can try.

3. A Little Expert in Dog Drug Feeding

The owner who has given the dog medicine knows how difficult it is to get the dog to swallow the medicine. To this end, the owner may consider adding the medicine to the delicious canned dog and feeding the dog with the meat covered up. As a food dog, in the face of delicious canned dogs, there is no power to refuse, three or two will eat up the canned dogs. This method is ideal, and the owner no longer has to worry about the problem of dogs not taking medicine.

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