Choice of Frontier Dog Food


Dog owners always try to find “perfect” dog food for their dogs. Almost when you think you have found a good variety of dog food, you find a mistake and go back to the pet counter and look at the label to find another kind of dog food. It’s a headache to spend time in the pet counter for your dog. How do you know that a dog food is suitable for your dog? Unfortunately, you won’t know the answer until you give your dog a try.

Therefore, when choosing dog food, parents should consider clearly and choose a suitable dog food according to the physical condition and dietary taste of border shepherds. When buying dog food, we also need to pay attention to the choice of breeds, the quality and freshness of food. We need to pay attention to the shelf life of food, so that the border shepherd dog can eat fresh and delicious food, which is the most beneficial to its growth.

Border shepherds also have different food requirements at different stages of their development. For example, in early childhood, when physical function is relatively fragile and at a critical stage of growth and development, parents should choose foods that are nutritious and easy to absorb and digest. Similar canned dog food and meat need to be soaked in warm water or pasted before feeding to avoid burdening the intestines and stomach of border dogs.

If you have to recommend it – regardless of the price, of course, natural grains are the best ~yearning for juveniles, caviar, avocado, snow mountain, Blue Judge, wilderness feast, Go! Natural… these are all very good. The price is about 30 pounds $600 + . If cost-effective, I recommend Blue Judge and Wilderness (domestic do not know whether to buy), BB normal, shiny fur, and palatability is good, the price is not the most expensive. Desire is the old brand, but the oil is a little big, high calorie. You can eat this if you are fat. Avocados are excellent for hair, but dogs with poor intestines and stomachs may have soft stools or thinning when they eat them (in my Alaska, for example).

For the first time, if you choose dog food, you can first determine several items. Purchase the appropriate trial clothes to determine the taste of the dog. Taste is good, in order to avoid the dog taste discomfort and waste. Like puppies, it is recommended to choose nutrient-rich puppies, puppies need more nutrients. Consider the Maiton Series a6, which is nutritionally balanced.

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