Does Heibei like canned food to be corrected? Does Heibei like canned dog food to be corrected?


Meat is a key to attract the appetite of dogs. Heibei likes to eat canned dogs. Besides the delicious taste of canned dogs, it may also be because of the lack of meat in dog food, so he does not like to eat dog food. If the dog can be mixed into dog food at ordinary times, and the dog begins to love dog food again, then the owner does not need to correct it. Buckwheat vegetable is a more reasonable feeding method.

1. Canned foods can be fed as snacks everyday

The benefits of daily canned dog feeding are many, and different uses have different effects. For example, the daily use of canned dogs as training incentives can greatly improve the learning enthusiasm of dogs.

As we all know, Heibei is a smart and steady dog, but sometimes they are very naughty and not very obedient in the training process. To this end, we can use canned shellfish to guide black shellfish, as long as the task can be completed to eat canned dogs, so that black shellfish’s enthusiasm will naturally be improved.

2. Or replace dog food with canned food.

Many owners like to feed their dogs with eco-dog food, but the amount of meat in this kind of dog food is relatively small, so some dogs who like to eat meat do not like to eat this kind of dog food. Therefore, the owner may change a staple food for Heibei, such as canned dogs. Some owners think that the nutrition of canned dogs is very low. In fact, canned dogs with good quality contain more nutrition, because they can provide good nutrition for preserving raw materials, so compared with dog food, the nutrition in canned dogs is higher. When choosing canned dogs for Heibei, owners can try canned Wangxiang dogs.

3. Mix in dog food and feed as supplementary food.

Sometimes, black shellfish have bad appetite, which is mainly because they think dog food is too boring, so they have no appetite for food. In this case, the owner can use the canned dog as a supplement and mix it into the dog food to feed the black shellfish together. When black shellfish finds meat in dog food, it will have more appetite to eat dog food.

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