Experience in petting: Dogs diluted lactobacillus tablets for use? Does it help dogs to eat lactobacillus tablets for diarrhea?


Some owners asked: Dogs with diarrhea can be fed Lactobacillus tablets? Individuals are not advised to feed it, because human lactobacillus tablets have strict standards of use, and the dog’s body structure is different, the amount taken, there is no specific data. It’s easy to overdose and cause adverse effects. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner should find out the cause of the dog’s diarrhea, and then take relevant measures.

I. Eat some dirty food

Everyone who has ever owned a dog should know that they are very naughty. Sometimes when they take him out for a walk, he always likes to look around and sniff. Sometimes, they even eat a lot of food. If you eat dirty food, then it is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, resulting in the symptoms of dilution. However, this situation is not very serious, let the dog rest for two or three days can heal itself.

2. Non-quantitative feeding, gastrointestinal indigestion

Many owners are first-time pet owners, and there is not much experience in feeding. Usually when feeding, do not pay attention to the right amount of feeding, immediately feed a lot of things to the dog. If the dog is greedy, he will finish the food as much as possible. In this way, it is easy to appear gastrointestinal indigestion. Laziness is one of the manifestations. In this regard, it needs to be fasting. Half a day later, it can be fed some Wang Yi system.

3. Failure to keep warm and catch a cold in the stomach

Dog’s belly is very weak. In cold weather, don’t sleep on the ground. Otherwise, it will easily lead to the cold on the ground invading the body, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort and thinning. In this case, it needs the owner to keep it warm and prepare a kennel for it to rest.

Finally, periodically insecticidal treatment of dogs in vivo can also lead to dilution. At this time, if the owner found his dog’s stool with red-blood and white worms, then it is caused by parasites. In this regard, it can be fed with pet insecticide.

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